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Any whole may be part of a larger whole, or at least any whole is in the process of opening up to the future.

Yifan Li is more concerned with Post-humanism. The idea is to go back to the original experience of life in the world, to the part of us that we feel as human beings in this world. For Yifan Li, this is a return to the original point of the word 'survival'. We are thrown into the world by history, and therefore naturally have no roots and many uncertainties, and the process is presented as - "knowing", "feeling being", " to be ", "in the process of being", "doubting being", "being disgusted", "not being ", so Yifan Li will use a scattered perspective way of thinking to build. The book is used to tell the story of Yifan Li's step by step process of transformation of material and thinking. The feelings of survival that cannot be directly told in words are poetically portrayed and woven throughout the book.


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