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Yifan Li ( Wuhan, China, b. 1996)
lives and works between Shanghai, China and London, UK


Royal College of Art, London, UK                                                                                                                   
Master of Art in Textiles 

Sep 2022 –  Aug 2023  

Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology, Beijing, China                                                                                              
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Textiles

Sep 2016 – Jun 2020                                                                                            



co-Founder, Fányuàn (Art collaborative studio)                                                                                      

Mar 2021 – ongoing


Group Exhibition

(Fányuàn 璠苑)

Aesthetes’ Secret Garden (Shanghai: Bloom studio, 10 Jul - 13 Jul, 2021)

Through the looking glass (Shanghai: Bloom studio, 21 Aug - 29 Aug, 2021)

Tank art festival (Shanghai: PAINTIQUE, 30 Sep - 3 Oct, 2021)

White Lab (Shanghai: SEPIA, 26 Sep - 30 Sep, 2022)

(Yifan Li)

Textile Festival (London: Royal College of Art, 30 Jun - 03 Jul, 2023)

Winter Exhibition (Shenzhen: EDA Space, 31 Jan - 25 Feb, 2023)

Issue13 of Al-Tiba Art Magazine May 2023


Yifan Li have a particular interest in the exploration of space and materials. It is Yifan Li’s interest to think about and express the state of society and the humanities using materials from Yifan Li’s perspective.

Starting from observation and interacting with different daily materials, Yifan Li have sensed the diverse "displaying" methods spawned by mixed media in different industries and aspired to further Yifan Li’s exploration in future art practices. Having focused more on those behaviors that are subconsciously ignored in daily life, Yifan Li collected these social behaviors in the overlapping space and undertake the preliminary practice of the exploration and meaning revesting of materials in the overlapping space through recording, practicing, and interviewing. With concentrating thinking, Yifan Li invest in more developmental and critical creative practices. Therefore, Yifan Li is able to look at the sincerity of social problems caused by neglected daily behaviors as both a participant and a bystander.

Yifan Li have attached greater importance to mix media. As Yifan Li believe, there is not any "boundary" in the use of materials but only the possibility of "controlling". It is Yifan Li’s original intention to make the participants think about the sincerity of life for a moment in the high-intensity interaction.

Now, Yifan Li have established the studio with Yifan Li’s partner Ningyue Qian, Fányuàn, an art collaborative studio. In their subsequent education and art practices, they will concentrate on the social phenomena reflected behind the neglected behaviors in private or public spaces, and spare no effort to grasp the latest technologies to support the creation of more sincere works to explore more hidden possibilities between people and society.

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